Lycamobile USA Preloaded Sim Cards

Lycamobile Prelaoded Sim

Lycamobile USA Preloaded Sim Cards

Peoples are always asking about Lycamobile USA preloaded sim card and some peoples are confused about Lycamobile Factory preloaded sim and Other preloaded sim.

Lycamobile factory preloaded sim is made by Lycamobile and this sim card can be activate through handset by dialing 622. You also can activate this sim card  at Lycamobile website. Lycamobile don’t produce preplaoded sim card with one month month plan anymore But Lycamobile API preloaded sim cards are still available in market.

 Lycamobile USA API Preloaded Sim

Api preloaded sim cards are made by Lycamobile’s authorized master dealer and You can not activate this sim card through handset by dialing 622 and You also can not activate at Lycamobile website. You have to follow the instructions on sim cards. The most API sim cards can be activate at master dealer’s website. If they are authorized by Lycamobile But it is hard to find out that which master agent is  approved by Lycamobile. I suggest every buyer to ask the activation process from seller before you purchase any Lycamobile preloaded sim card.

If you are looking to buy Lycamobile API or Factory preloaded sim card then You easily purchase at

If you need more information about preloaded sim cards please log on Lycamobile website. If you need need to buy preloaded sim cards on large quantity please become a Lycamobile dealer

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