How To Do Verizon Activation On Epay Portal

If you are authorized Verizon Wireless dealer and you need instructions to how to do actIvation and dealer support please click the below link for all the instructions.

You must have Epay payment portal to all the Verizon activation

Verizon Dealer Support Line

POS Location Code: T0343-01 Steps:

•               Dial: 888-866-6924
  • Select Option 2 for Indirect Agents
  • Select Option 1 for location codes that begin with a letter
  • Enter 7 digit location code (T0343-01)
  • Follow prompts (Option 2 for codes that begin with N)
  • Select Option 1 for Prepaid


Steps to setup the PIN for the customer

  • Have the customer and the phone present when calling the Dealer Support Line
  • Call Dealer Support Line
  • Advise you are helping the customer setup My Verizon and they do not know their PIN
  • VZ Care rep will assist to validate the customer by:
  • Sending a temporary PIN via text to the phone to reset
  • Validating via the MEID of the phone
  • VZ care rep will
  • Reset the PIN (pick a 4 digit number the customer will remember)
  • Add a security question for the customer to verify the account

Setup My Verizon for the customer using the NEW PIN that you set

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Verizon Activation and Support Guide

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