Become A Verizon Prepaid Dealer

Become A Verizon Prepaid Dealer

We are now accepting application to become a Verizon prepaid dealer in Northern California and Verizon wireless is paying highest spiff in industry and It is a perfect time to say good bye to MVNO. Now you can do direct deal with America’s top wireless carrier

  • Highest Instant Spiff
  • Top residuals
  • Big discount on airtime recharge
  •   No start up cost
  • Free collateral
  • Huge subsidy on Verizon handsets

    How To Become A Verizon Wireless Retailer ?

    Simply fill out the below form and We will submit your request to Verizon. If they approve your location then we will issue you dealer portal to activate the sim card and you have to buy minimum 5 cheapest Verizon handsets.

    1 Step 1

    Become A Verizon Prepaid Dealer

    We are authorized master dealer for Verizon prepaid and we can help you to become a retailer for America's top wireless carrier. Please fill out the below form to become a dealer

    1st Name
    Last Name
    Business Tax id
    Business Name
    Business Address
    Zip Code
    Phone Number
    What types of products and/or services do you offer?
    Are you curruntly under any Verizon program
    Do you have retail location ?
    Become A Verizon Prepaid Dealer

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